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The Prophet of Allah Ali had taught and taught.  Muhammad . The Prophet  of Islam, Muhammad Ali was a great poet, and he wrote a book of poetry. This book of Islam was compiled by his daughter Aisha, and the book was . . . The Prophet Muhammad Ali was a great poet, he was a poet in the Quran, the book of the prophet Muhammad. The book was written centuries later (700 years).   So, to the people of the world, and all who have read the Quran, I say this today. All my efforts in the past was meant for our community to be a light and to . . . This is a copy of the . . . This is a copy of the Book of the Prophet Muhammad Ali is, but it is not a copy of the Quran. It is a translation of the Quran. . . . . . . This is an.

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The group is not, however, a new one — it is an offshoot of an earlier form of neo-paganism that had existed within England for much of the 20th century. The group draws much of its support from a small group of people who believe that Islam is the religion of false gods and that people around the world were originally pagans. The original followers, who became known as Theosophists, rejected science, adopted occult practices, and created “pagan” temples that claimed to be the remains of lost kingdoms and temples. Some even believed that the biblical Book of Genesis was a historical document, rather than the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth. This group split off from other Theosophist sects, and in the 1950s produced the “Cult of the All-Seeing Eye.” They eventually spread out and formed dozens of new “churches” or “spiritual communities.” One such group.

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The organization claims to be the only one with the expertise to “save God's people and the human race from the demonic forces of Satan”. Their website states that Drew Ali is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention whose ministry provides “the tools to save your children from child abuse, demonic possession, witchcraft and demonic possession of any nature”. Drew claimed that the purpose of the Moorish Science Temple of America is to raise “the next generation of spiritual warriors as soldiers in the final battle to save America and the world from the evil demonic forces”. In May 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Drew, along with several church leaders, on a ”national conspiracy for financial and other crimes”, charging them for using “cult-like” tactics and making “material support of terrorism”. They all claimed they were members of the “Moorish Science Temple of America” and a.